FSBOSafety | Wendy Rye

  For Sale by Owner - Safety Tips to help keep your family safe

Most of us would never invite a random stranger into our home but that's just what you need to do when you are showing your home to a potential buyer.

Most people probably do have good intentions but you can never be too careful with you and your family's safety.  Here are a few ways that you can protect yourself when selling your home yourself.

As a realtor, we always pre-qualify potential buyers but there are still far too many instances where realtors have found themselves in scary situations.  Below are some ways that you can protect yourself:

  1. Do not set an appointment with anyone unless they have given you their name, phone number and address.  Call that number to verify.
  2. Do not let them know your schedule, when you won't be home to show, etc.
  3. Never Indicate when you will be alone. (I will only show when my husband is home and he doesn't get home until 6)
  4. If you allow strangers into your home, do so during daylight hours and have a spouse, friend, neighbor, etc. accompany you.
  5. Do not allow two or more people to split apart so that you can't see all parties at all times.
  6. Put away all valuables, ESPECIALLY jewelry, money, etc.
  7. If your intuition tells you something does not feel right, trust that feeling.
  8. ALWAYS remove any prescription drugs from view. There is more than one story about people going into homes to raid medicine cabinets. 
  9. Watch out for identity theft! Put away all personal information sources including mail, checkbooks, items pinned on your fridge.
  10. Keep a cell phone with you while showing your home.
  11. NEVER be in a position where you are not by an exit door.  Let the client walk into the room while you stand at the door and observe.  I think this one is very important!

Good luck with selling your home.  Just remember to treat anyone that comes to your door as you would any stranger, use caution, take charge and never be afraid to deny someone access to your home. 

Good Luck!